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Bees are dangerous pests that put you and your family at risk. Don’t take any chances by trying to remove a hive yourself. Count on our experienced team of experts. We’ll inspect your property for bee activity, and from there we will estimate the age and location of the hive. Working with you, we’ll create a custom treatment plan that includes the following options:


• Live bee removal

• Extermination

• Honeycomb removal and repair


We’ll also bee-proof areas where bees are constantly building hives.

Reliable bee removal and extraction services

Davis Pest Co is proud to offer you a “local neighborhood” experience. This includes extended weekday and weekend hours. If you’re on one of our regular pest control plans with monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service, you’ll get the same tech visiting your home each time, so you won’t have to keep explaining your needs and concerns.

A trusted, local neighborhood company

We also offer roach services, ant and spider services, flea and tick

services,  and more—all with a service guarantee.

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We also provide Wasp Removal Services.