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Rodents can create a dangerous environment for you and your family, damaging your home and spreading disease. Rats carry fleas that may carry bubonic plague or murine typhus. Rodent bites can cause rat bite fever. Davis Pest Co can help you keep your home and family safe with a customized rodent control solutions and guaranteed service you can trust.


First, we’ll take care of your immediate problem by trapping the rodents already present in your home. We can also install rodent-control bait boxes around your home’s exterior, to keep rodents away for good. This all starts with a simple phone call, so call  us today. 909-657-7378

Guaranteed rodent control services you can trust

Our founder Michael Davis has more than 16 years of pest control experience. We understand how important your home is to you, and we work hard to provide you with a “local neighborhood” style of service that includes extended weekday and weekend hours. Call now and take advantage of reliable services from a locally owned company.

Efficient and stable rodent control solutions

We also provide Rodent Control Bait Box services which can greatly reduce rodent populations around the structure. These bait boxs work great in stopping rats before they can get in. There is No Annual Contract Required for this service. Call today for an estimate.

Guaranteed rodent control services you can trust 101545086

Call today for an estimate on our rodent control service.


We also provide Bird exclusion services.